We offer various services to aid you in growing a stronger business, employees, and empowering you to reach your goals. Learn how our various coaching services can help take you to the next level.


Assist in developing efficient and effective ways to guide the human effort by identifying strengths of and developing talent & confidence of individuals, focusing on team building, inspiring people to fulfill their potential and enrich their communities, and promoting positive thinking.

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Assist in identifying and developing goals, objectives, and strengths for professional individuals and developing talent & confidence. Our focus is on promoting positive thinking, and inspiring people to fulfill their potential and enrich their communities.

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Assist in the development and advancement of business models, creating value in a sustainable way through strategic institutional planning that adapts to the constant changes of the environment, focusing on the three “R” of competitiveness, talent identification and management, creation and development of work teams, problem resolution, and encouragement of opportunities for creativity and innovation.

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Trusted Advisor

It is often a challenge to find someone you can talk with in an open, honest, and supportive environment. Croda Consulting’s Trusted Advisor service provides people with the opportunity
to meet with someone who can appreciate what they are going through, provide thought provoking questions, give perspective, share experiences, and yet not actually give advice. The Trusted Advisor service is judgement free and completely confidential. We are your advocate and have your best interest in mind, will be honest in responses, and do not have a hidden agenda. All we are interested in is your success.


Croda Consulting offers Neutral Facilitation services. As a neutral facilitator, we lead and ensure that the decision and/or problem solving process stays targeted, open, and unbiased. This allows the process to focus on participants’ insights and input and remain effective. The value in our service lies in that we are neutral; we have no stake in the outcome. This ensures that the decision making process has outcomes that are unbiased and can be trusted by all involved.

Coach & Mentor

Croda Consulting’s Coach & Mentor services help individuals and businesses at any stage of personal or professional development to identify the paths they want to take and the actions needed to get there. We can assist with goal setting, plan development, situational adjustment, intrapersonal and interpersonal growth, cultural awareness and understanding, and outcome driven planning. Our goal is to become a trusted member of your team, no matter how big or small, for as long as you need guidance and support.

Leadership Developer

Croda Consulting’s Leadership Development services are effective for individuals and organizations. Our focus is to guide you through the process of creating an environment that places a priority on learning the skills and knowledge that grow the individual and/or organization with long-term, sustainable results.